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Beware of the . . !  。。。に注意!

A selection of the warning signs and information posters I encountered in Japan (with translations).

"Beware of the Pit Viper" and "Beware of the Wild Boars", on the approaches to Temple 27 and 84 respectively, I saw neither.

A reassuring sign in English, we could use some of these signs in parts of London.
I saw this sign on 9th March 2011 and thought it was 'quaint'. Then after the devastating Tsunami of 11th March, I started to make a mental note of the evacuation points each time I passed one of these signs.

These Japanese Railway etiquette posters are a fascinating reflection of the difference between Japanese / London society. On the London railways, wrongdoers are simply threatened with Fines or Prosecution; in Japan they are invited to reflect on the consquences of their actions.

At Tonohama Rail Station, this sign gave advice, roughly translated, "There are three rules on discovering a suspicious package: don`t touch it! don`t sniff it! don`t move it!"
"Beware of the Killer Crabs!"

"Bears are not allowed to Smoke!"

"Beware of the Kites (they want to steal your food!)"