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Never in London ロンドンに決してない

Photos of Japanese stuff that you would never see in London.
An un-manned road-side store, bags of Mikan (small oranges) for ¥100.
In London the cash tin would be stolen, the Mikan would either be stolen, or squashed just for fun, then the stall would be graffitied.

Small coins pressed into a rock face at one of the temples as offerings.
I can think of a dozen people in London that I regularly have to 'liaise' with who would pick out every single coin to give as offerings to their dealer.

A can of lager and bottle of Sake, left as offerings.
This would not last two seconds in London.

A cycle park at a Japanese Railway Station.
No CCTV and nothing to lock the bikes to.
All of these bikes would disappear within hours in London.

A single CCTV camera, pointing towards the offering box at one of the temples.
Only one camera?
This was the only camera that I saw at any of the temples, which are all filled with cash offerings, artwork, gold statues . . .

Japanese Cruising Area.
Lost in translation. 
If you don't understand, then you wouldn't find this funny.
The place looks neglected, but in London this could be very popular.

This poster was outside a Police Station in Sukumo City, unfortunate place names.
If you don't understand, then you wouldn't find this funny.
This event would be popular in London.

The "Manji" was used in Hindu and Buddhist symbolism long before it was hijacked by the Nazi party. I became used to seeing the Manji symbol at temples, and also on maps - where it is used to mark the location of Buddhist Temples.
The symbol now has too much stigma attached to be used in Europe.

Umbrellas made to look like Samurai Swords.
A cute idea for tourists in Japan.
Try using one in London.
You will be shot, or if you are lucky, you will only be Tasered.