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Henro Plod へんろプロッド

Henro Plod へんろプロッド
Henro is the Japanese word for a pilgrim, with Shikoku Pilgrims being respectfully referred to as O Henro-san.

Plod is an informal name for a Police Officer. 

To plod is to walk slowly with heavy steps. In the 19th Century the British ‘Bobby’ walked an average of 20 miles each shift. He walked his beat at a steady pace of 2.5 miles an hour, and was forbidden to sit down or lean against anything, and ‘walking the beat’ is a common element in most policing traditions.

I like to find connections in language. As I was preparing for this pilgrimage I found that the Japanese word for a pilgrimage junrei  巡礼 shares the same Kanji as Police Constable junsa  巡査 

The Japanese word for Police Constable is junsa  巡査。
The first Kanji   refers to travelling around, touring, or circling.
The second Kanji   refers to assessing or checking.
So as a Police Constable, I am someone who walks the beat, checking that everything is in order, a junsa  巡査

So “A Policeman’s Pilgrimage”, can be translated as junsa no junrei  巡査 の 巡礼。

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