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Police Photos 警察の写真

Photos of Police Cars, Police Stations - Koban, Police Officers, and me posing with them.

Me posing with officers Hiroshi Ueda and Mitsuru Fukuzaki, outside Okihama Koban on the outskirts of Tokushima City.

Officer Hiroshi Ueda flashes his badge.

Hiwasa Koban, near Temple 23.

Kaifu Koban, between Temples 23 and 24, no one was home when I called.

On the road from Temple 29 to Temple 30 I spotted a chap sitting by the side of the road in plain clothes, holding what looked like a small speed-camera and a radio. Sure enough, about 100metres up the road, there was a van full of cops giving out speeding tickets. Ok, so I have been walking for two weeks, but I have been washing my clothes and myself, everyone in Japan wears these face masks.

Me with officer Makoto Ichigawa outside Takasu Kouban near to Temple 31.

Me, posing outside Koyasan's impressive Koban.

The Japanese Police Museum in Tokyo.
Me, posing with Sergeant Shintani outside his Koban at Kaminarimon in Tokyo.

Me, comparing Warrant Cards with Sergeant Shintani.

Me, posing with Officer Katou in front of his Koban which is inside Shinjuku Tube Station on the Tokyo Underground. Officer Katou is in the Railway Division of the Police.